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GeoNet delivers the first comprehensive platform for the registry, delivery, and management of geofences. Our patent-protected technology creates a global standard for geospatial information, providing the infrastructure for revolutionary applications and services across industries.

The Problem

Human beings have situational awareness, the ability to identify, process, and comprehend critical information. We see a 30 MPH sign and know how fast we can drive. We see gas line warnings and understand we should not dig. However, our world is now filled with mobile apps and devices that have limited situational awareness. These apps and devices are NOT following the rules of space. Drones fly through restricted airspace, driverless cars operate on our roads and unwanted Pokemon characters appear in churches.

The Solution

GeoNet provides geo-spatial context to applications and devices in order to make autonomous decisions. We allow the owners/regulators of space the ability to establish the rules and permissions within a specified area by creating geofences that have the rules embedded in the virtual fence. Applications and devices are programmed to tune to these smart geofences, understand the rules and make autonomous decisions.

A New Global Standard


GeoNet has gridded the entire planet to a cm2 resolution and mapped longitude/latitude points to a proprietary coordinate system. Geofences can be as large as a country or as small as a matchbox.


Our two-dimensional and three-dimensional fences support both centroid and polygon geometry - an accurate reflection of building perimeters, street grids, legal jurisdictions, and other complex, real-world shapes.

Freedom from Connectivity

By using standard DNS to push fence geometry and metadata to devices and mobile phones, we are able to cache 50,000+ geofences locally (on the device), giving the application constant geospatial context, whether it is connected or not.

Speed. Security. Power.

GeoNet is the only network to deliver fence geometry over the Internet via standard DNS. That means 30x faster fence transmissions, tamper-resistant DNSSEC protection and an end to battery-draining connectivity needs.

An End-to-End Solution

Global Fence Registry

  • One-stop registration of geofences facilitates access across multiple applications.
  • Authentication process verifies ownership and right to use.

Management Portal

  • Self-service Web portal allows fence owners to easily manipulate the rules and permissions of their geodomain for dynamic, real-time control.

Fence Database

  • Taxonomy of fence classes such as commercial, education, and aerospace enables apps to “tune into” related fences.
  • Logical fence hierarchy reflects real-world tiers of rules and permissions.

Fencing Agent

  • Simple code allows developers to easily add geo context to new or existing apps and access our geospatial databases.
  • SDK available for iOS, Android, Linux, Robot OS and Unity.

Patent-Protected Technology

GeoNet has four patents issued with numerous patents pending. Core intellectual property includes:

  • Delivery

    Delivery of geofences and metadata via DNS caches in mobile devices, WiFi routers and mobile carrier networks

  • Embedded

    Embedded component within mobile apps and devices that acts on local fences and their metadata

  • Geofence

    Geofence registration, verification, and certification service

  • global

    A global geospatial standard that provides cm precision and a new dimension of contextual awareness for autonomous systems

Create the Future

We have created the scaffolding for a new geospatial age.

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